International strategi

Her finder du den strategi, vi har lavet for vores internationale arbejde.

Vision and challenge (ENG)

With this international strategy, Herning Municipal wishes to play an active role in the internationalisation of our field. The citizens, companies and municipal employees must be ready and geared for the challenges presented by a growing global world.


"We are known for opinions and actions with an international outlook"


The vision of Herning Municipal entails that employees, citizens, students and companies in Herning Municipal act internationally1 and are known to have an international outlook by its affiliates, customers, users, guests and contacts, in Denmark as well as globally.

Globalisation means changes for citizens and companies in Herning Municipal: 

  • Increased international competitiveness provides a new division of labour, where industry trades, in particular, move to countries with lower wages. Therefore, companies must be able to cooperate internationally. For many it will be difficult to gain foothold on the labour market due to weak resources. 
  • Distance in time and space has been reduced. The Internet and cheaper as well as quicker flights, means that it has become easier to communicate and transport people and goods. 
  • The population becomes more diverse in composition.


  • The international division of labour means a change in business structure
  • Contracting and Business to Business relations become more international (cooperation/trade between companies)
  • Knowledge is generated and collected internationally
  • An increasing amount of companies in Denmark use English as their corporate language
  • More educational institutions in Denmark offer programs in English
  • Problem solving, for example environmental issues, more often requires international cooperation
  • More companies recruit qualified personnel internationally
  • 8% of the citizens of Herning Municipal originate from a different country than Denmark